A Note from Pastor

Pastor Kevin’s Korner

It has well been said that the only person who likes “change” is a baby with a dirty diaper. The older I have gotten, the more I tend to agree with that statement. But I have learned over time that there is actually more to that thought. Yes, the baby with the dirty diaper will definitely let you know that they are unhappy with their current situation, but those who are around the dirty diaper will also let you know about their dislike and discomfort. Then something strange and funny at the same time happens. Everyone is unhappy with the state of their situation, but nobody really wants to be the one to volunteer to do the changing. Obviously, the baby is the culprit of the stench, but out of everyone else who might be present in the situation, the baby can’t change himself. So, round and round everyone else goes, playing “pass the baby” until someone finally caves in and does what everyone knows needs to be done—change the baby!!

Sometimes it is difficult to know when to change, and change just for the sake of changing is just not always best. But other times (like the case of the dirty diaper) change must happen. If the change doesn’t occur then everyone grows increasingly more displeased with the smell and some might even begin to leave to get away from the unpleasant odor. Someone has to be the initiator of change when change is necessary. Someone has to finally step up and say “I will take the initiate. I will do my part. I will be the one to make the change.” And when the change is complete, then everyone is happy and even those who might have left to avoid the stinky situation will come back to hold the fresh smelling baby once again.

Experiencing change in a local church setting can be difficult. Too often we grow comfortable with where we are spiritually, and when someone mentions changing, we can get uncomfortable and even angry. We might even be quick to say things like, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” while all along it is broken and needs a major adjustment. This happens because we can become almost blind to the brokenness right in front of our face. Now, I am not talking about changing or compromising the gospel and who we are and what we have in Jesus Christ. That must never be changed or compromised. So, I guess what I am saying is that culture is always changing, especially in this new season of post-pandemic life, so we better be willing to change to be more effective in reaching people for Jesus Christ. In most churches, attendance is down. Fewer and fewer people are interested in what most churches have to offer them. And even those who are already an active part of a local church seem to be growing more discontent with the effectiveness of the church in the way we worship, disciple, fellowship, and serve with each other.

In short, change can be difficult and challenging; but sometimes it has to happen. So, please allow me to share some difficult things for just a moment. FBC Owensville is not the church it once was. Before the pandemic we were a church that averaged around 275 in worship on Sunday mornings and we had a plethora of active ministry events and activities. Currently, we are a church that has been averaging around 225 (and that is up significantly from last year) in worship and we have been struggling to start and restart ministry once again. I have many thoughts about what this means, so I don’t have time to discuss them in this short newsletter. I would love to have a conversation with anyone who would want to come visit with me and talk about this situation. So, just allow me to say this, “Changes are coming—they must come.” I have been in discussion with the rest of the staff and other leaders in the church about this. We aren’t quite sure yet what those changes need to be, but many of us are in agreement that we can’t continue down the same road and expect different results. All I ask of you right now is to pray. Pray for me and the rest of the staff as we lead through whatever changes God has for us. Pray that we can communicate those changes when the time is right. Pray that we as a church will work closely together in unity to implement those changes. And above all, pray we always do everything for the glory of God. Have a blessed month!!

-- Pastor Kevin